DIETRICH WATCHES: Innovation and State of the art at Joyería Aurelio Marcos

Signature timepieces have entered Joyería Aurelio Marcos with DIETRICH Watches, a new concept of watchmaking. These watches are the work of the prestigious designer Emmanuel Dietrich, creator of pieces for well-known and emblematic firms such as Hermès or Louis Vuitton. Founded in 2009 in Zug, Switzerland, the watch firm DIETRICH stands out for its innovative design based on the concept of ORGANIC TIME, inspired by the beauty of nature and the play of forms and volumes.

Created for a contemporary public, for unique individuals who see their watch as an ally in the journey of life, adapted to their day to day activities.  A proposal of style, state of the art and functionality. The designer Emmanuel Dietrich defines the concept of ORGANIC TIME as a reflection of his philosophy of life, as the expression of his desire for balance, a balance between feelings, forms, sensations and pleasure. It is the culmination of his design signature: delicate but bold, powerful and sensual. The ORGANIC TIME is more than a desirable object; it is a tool that speaks the same organic language as our bodies. This is the philosophy that generates the ORGANIC TIME, an ORGANICALLY DIFFERENT TIMEPIECE.



Available with three different finishes, these watches stand out for their sporty look and bold design with interchangeable straps. 



Tres acabados de caja P.V.P 1.365 €