On July 11th, Joyería Aurelio Marcos collaborated in the 8th Charity Gala Dinner organized by the Cudeca Foundation at Jose Carlos García’s restaurant. The dinner was organized to raise funds to provide assistance free of charge to persons suffering from non-curable end of life illnesses. Joyería Aurelio Marcos donated a Rolex watch valued at €5,400 which was raffled during the evening.

The winner, Dr. Manuel Cobo, Oncologist at Hospital Vithas Xanit Internacional, donated the prize he received from Esther Ruiz, Head of Marketing at Joyería Aurelio Marcos, to be auctioned by the Spanish actress Remedios Cervantes, who succeeded in having the bids reach €2,500.  

The total amount of funds raised from the persons attending the dinner, the charity raffle, the “zero place setting” and the auction of the watch was €18,000.

Sofía Gross, Esther Ruiz, Cheri Tory and Aurelio Marcos