On December 15th Joyería Aurelio Marcos presented to a select group of guests a very special exhibit of pieces of the well known high-end Swiss watchmaker Hublot.  The selection of pieces on exhibit included watches of the limited edition of the Big Bang collection and of the Tutti Frutti collection, characterized by the variety of colours and the use of precious and semi-precious stones, such as sapphires, diamonds and topaz. Guests also had the opportunity of seeing some pieces of the jeweller’s own new line of fine jewellery.

The event was held in the events hall at the Limonar 40 Restaurant (Palacio de Lira). An ample representation of members of Malaga social circles attended the event, including the Marqueses de Guirior, the designer Jorge Menacho, the player of the Unicaja basketball team Chris Valters, the deputy Jacobo Florido, Jesús Osborne and Jacob Assa, amongst others.